Nutrition Coaching

CrossFit Lorton is proud to be the home of Optimal Wellness & Nutrition, or “O.W.N.”

O.W.N is a small group of online or in person wellness coaches with the goal to empower each individual to achieve well-being through nutrition, fitness and adding healthy lifestyle habits. This is done by focusing on education, habit stacking, and accountability provided to you by your very own 1:1 personal wellness coach.

Your coach will focus on developing a personalized plan together with you. We all have different body types, different metabolisms, different muscle mass and many unique things that set us apart from everyone else on this planet. Rather than telling you how many calories or macros you need based on your gender, age and height, we look at every person individually and develop a plan based on specific goals.

Once you start on your personalized wellness journey, your coach will help you navigate your personalized plan and support you the entire way with planned weekly progress check-ins either face to face, by email, phone calls or zoom, depending on the membership you have. You will also have access to your coach for asking questions, sharing concerns & bright spots throughout the week. You can also look forward to IG, in person or zoom seminars on various topics that you can attend or watch at a later date.

All of our coaches have years of experience and countless hours of education. We hold many certifications, regularly attend continuing education seminars and also offer the expertise of a Registered Nurse.

At O.W.N, we will provide you with 1:1 personalized wellness & nutrition coaching, ranging from High touch coaching, Personal training, Comprehensive wellness consults, a hybrid of several, and even One time consults for evaluation.

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